Daniel Lurvey

Rio 2020 Olympics Branding, 3D Form, and visitor information center concept – 2015

2D Brandmark, 3D Model, Spatial Design
Use cultural signifiers that will resonate globally to produce a 2D brandmark for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The second deliverable was to adapt the 2D brandmark into a 3D form for the design of the Olympics gold medal. Prototyping was done by dissembling the 3D model and placing each shape on one plane and preparing the file to be laser-cut out of plexiglass and then reassembling the pieces with epoxy. Third deliverable was to adapt the 3D form into a spacial design for an installation that would serve as an information kiosk at the Olympic Games.
I used well-known geographic icon, Christ the Redeemer, combined with the Favela Painting Project as cultural signifiers. These icons convey the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect, as well as Equality, Rejuvenation and Community.

Lil' Buddy Side Table-Stool – 2014

Wood and Metal – 18" x 14" x 14", Two Digital Prints - 48" x 36"
The assignment was simple: Create an object that has at least one welded component. While studying 3700 miles from home, a reality is that anything I make while at school in Halifax, I must either bring back with me to Portland or get rid of. When I decided to make a side table-stool, a necessity in the design would be that it would be able to be disassembled and packed flat. The angle-steel legs break into four parts and nest neatly into one another. A simple illustration of the stool disassembled is laser-etched into the wooden seat to demonstrate it's function.
Two digital prints accompanied the first protoype, one using process sketches and 3D renderings and another of a repeating pattern of the disassembled stool. The first tracked the design process, and the second signifying the process of mass production.

Packaging Design – 2015

Cardboard Packaging - 36" x 96"
This was a challenge to implement casino gaming visual communication to pharmaceutical packaging. This atypical approach to pharmaceutical packaging is meant to appeal to the user's pathos, by making the product look fun and exciting.

Modern Dinner Table – 2015

3D Model – 10” x 10” x 4” Box
A small table with a compartment for everyone seated to store their cellphones while eating. 4 spring-loaded latches on the lid require 2 or more people to open it, necessitating a group consensus as to when everyone can retrieve their phones.

Repeating Pattern – 2014

Digital Print - 36" x 96"
A semester-long sketch-book project where everyday I drew a tool that I used. I converted several of the best drawings into vector images and arranged them into a repeating pattern. The assortment spanned bike tools, manufacturing equipment, film cameras and drafting tools. The final result is a large-format print where the selection of tools give a biographic narrative of the user.

Self-Portrait Doll – 2014

Epoxy, Acrylic pain, brass – 12" Tall
The head/torso, arms and legs were each sculpted separately in plasticine, molded with silicone, then cast in epoxy. Brass rods connect each limb, allowing for limb articulation. The cast epoxy is painted with acrylic.

Maquette - 2013

Paper, balsa wood, acrylic paint and other materials – 7.5” x 7” x 6.5”
A scale-model diorama of a disrupted domestic space inspired from a home robbery that happened to me in 2011. A single, simulated light source in the center of the room casts acrylic-painted shadows manifesting the feeling of uneasiness a home-invasion creates.