Daniel Lurvey

Daniel Lurvey is a designer who specializes in print, publication, and digital media. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he studied graphic design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (2016) and is receiving his Bachelor of Design from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (2014–2017). His work is influenced by his work in the cycling industry as a CNC-machine operator as well as his training in engineering and architectural drafting. Daniel has worked at MCAD DesignWorks and the Anna Leonowens Gallery.

CV@lurvey dlurvey@gmail.com

Graduation Identity and Catalogue (WIP)

Exhibition Identity and Publication Design

Developing the brand identity for the NSCAD University Spring 2017 graduation commencement ceremony, exhibition at the Anna Leonowens Gallery, and printed catalogue featuring work from the graduating class, and accompanying materials. Work in progress.

A selection of rejected concepts and sketches:

La Ligne Claire

Print, Publication, Motion Graphics

La Ligne Claire is an exploration in capturing both the fervor and absurdity of professional road cycling as art direction for a hypothetical sports industry campaign as part of the year-end NSCAD Design exhibition on 4/21/2017. A visual language—spanning print, motion and installation—has been developed, drawing inspiration from the natural environment, and the graphically-dense backdrop of printed ephemera, broadcast television and geographical analysis, as well as the semiotics of Speed in cycling product graphic design. Final documentation coming soon.

National Portfolio Day Poster

Poster Design, 18"×24"

DesignWorks was approached by the National Portfolio Day Associate to create a poster for the 2017–2018 academic year. Attention was focused on the sequencing of information that the viewer is given as they unfold until finally revealing 1-of-3 possible posters. Update: I am excited to announce that this poster design was chosen by the National Portfolio Day Association. (Circulation of 76,000!) Final design and print run coming soon.

NSCAD Design Show Website

Interactive Web. HTML, CSS, jQuery

Designed and developed a simple one-page interactive website as part of the NSCAD University's design department graduation show. Emphasis was placed on removing the hierarchy among students by having the class appear in a random order every time the page is viewed. Upon loading, the portraits are scattered randomly across the page. As the user views the students' profiles, the grid of images is rebuilt, only to be scattered and rearranged again with a click of the shuffle button. This project has been featured on Brutalist Websites.


Safe Harbor Protocol Guidelines

Book Design

Developed a typographic system and typeset +300 page book for the Minnesota Coaliation Against Sexual Assualt while at MCAD DesignWorks. A nativation system of three colour-coded sections and two-levels of tables of contents aids law enforcement officers and social workers to traverse the legal-jargon dense manual.

The Handmade Bicycle Show

Brand Identity

A rebrand for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, an annual exhibition showcasing the finest custom bicycle builders in the world. The new brand strategy was developed to take the exhibition from a North American to a Global audience.

Full Presentation PDF

MCAD Triptych Posters

Poster Design, 41"×27" (3)

Series of posters produced to be displayed in student common area at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Designed following the 2016 U.S. Federal elections, Isak Dinesen's quote captured my feelings well.

Thoughts & Prayers

Interactive Web

Thoughts and Prayers explores empathy and privilege on social media. As news articles of disasters and crisis at home and abroad become viral, audiences offer their condolences with likes and shares. This can be compared to a military air-show performance; the audience has the power to make change through material support, but rather publicly offers the empty gesture of the victims being in their “thoughts and prayers.” In this piece, users spawn praying hands on a projection website by tapping a "like" button on their mobile device.

Try it out! Phone Projection

Inflamation Factors

Data Visualization/Interactive Web

Visualization of the disproportionate killing of African Americans compared to their total state population. Upon scrolling each state grows in size by the factor of increase, highlighting the inflamed region. Built with Skrollr and Mapael.